E-Marketing SpecialistAR

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E-Marketing SpecialistAR

About the Job
  • Create and implement an innovative SEO strategy.
  • Closely monitor and analyze results and recommend solutions to improve traffic and online reputation
  • Manage advertising, social media, word-of-mouth and email campaigns designed to acquire new customers
  • Develop, maintain, and cultivate affiliate marketing relationship
Job Roles: Marketing Media/Journalism/Publishing
Job Requirements
  • Experience : 1 to 3 Years
  • Experience building online brands, preferably services in technology
  • Experience with online community building and participation, including events, contests and focus groups
  • Strong understanding of SEO strategy and tactics and proven success implementing campaigns
  • Strong writing and story-telling skills. Able to tell stories through PowerPoint and other media
  • Ability to effectively monitor and analyze results and adjust campaigns accordingly

Please send your cv for mohab@elmeyasoft.com or call us 01119699898

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