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Educational institutions management system

Educational institutions management system structured system within the enterprise system and easy to work and functioning of the educational process
It tracks the movement of the student from the moment he entered the institution and its data submission and registration and extract Rnyh and convert it into sections institution
And organize Control Unit and recording grades and extraction results and follow – up record of recruitment and follow the movement of library operations and management of metaphor
And follow-up of accounts and expenses of the students even in the end graduation certificate

System Properties

Department of Student Affairs
A complete record of the student data through the Student Affairs can access to all student data and extract information required for students in the least possible time and with the utmost ease
Printing data being students and students , Rnyh and most of the letters addressed to ministry or students Awaljhat the the concerned generally in an appropriate manner for most educational institutions
Management and organization of transfer students from specialty to specialty within the institution

Reports and publications of Student Affairs
The possibility of adding academic disciplines difference in a flexible easy to work with the system and determine the number of teams within each discipline which increases the possibilities of the system in the Egyptian educational institutions .
The possibility of identifying and defining the scholarship teams in a flexible system can meet all the requirements of most educational institutions in Egypt.
The possibility of adding subjects for each band and according to all the disciplines and specialty linked to the members of the faculty.

Alumni Affairs Administration
Test bank and organize all graduates and archiving data
Graduation certificates

Control Unit and the results of students
Test bank Control Unit to
Generating figures sit is to
Distribution of student halls and committees are to
Each subject settings appropriately to the needs of most educational institutions

Record full recruiting students
Record recruit full and coherent with the Student Affairs
Detailed reports of students enrolled in the institution and the position of each of them from conscription
37 Soldiers revealed
Letters to recruit students

Management of the library and borrow books
Library management in an orderly and appropriate policy to borrow books .
Tkoidy system for books.
Borrowed books and reports available to the metaphor.
Detailed reports on the books by author and publisher , and the number of copies .

Student accounts and tuition fees
Manage student accounts within the institution over the past Aldarsé in terms of the possibility of determining tuition for each band
The possibility of adding the collection of fees from students in a flexible easy to manage accounts and tuition fees for each band and specialty institution
Possibility of paying compilers on more than premium
Detailed reports on student accounts
Daily reports payments to students
Detailed reports on payments of students over a period of time
Reports of students latecomers to pay drainers
Reports total payments for all teams and all students Specialization

Users powers
The possibility to define the powers and allow each user levels , or cancel entering the system.

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