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El Mohaseb Alaraby for Companies

Do you want in the comfort of manual recording processes and problems ?
Do you want to keep the system on your finances and your goods from theft ?
You have a problem in the identification of the goods in the stores and prepared ?
Do you want to follow the movement of items within the company and find out more varieties selling ?
Do you want to know the profit and loss accounts and trading account for your company without the use of one ?
Do you want to make a database of your customers and their accounts and make a list of their own prices ?
Do you want the accounts clear and precise for suppliers and their payments and history Asthakaqtha ?
Do you want to inventory sales repersentatives and their covenant, and their lineage and account Mrtapthm ?
Do you want a system of human resources Easy Odqik ?

Elmeyasoft Company … Provided you with the solution to the program is simple and easy to use

Program is dedicated to the owners of companies of all kinds The program is designed to meet all your needs and covers all dealings
Program by 12 major hub :
Invoices, warehouse , treasury , customers, suppliers and notes receivable and notes payable , banks, delegates and staff data and attendance and staff accounts
The program gives you all that you need financial statements to take Aqrartk without the need for an accountant
The software helps you to study your products It shows you the best – selling items and the least
The program also organizes the Foundation الادراي structure attendance system for staff and policy discounts and bonuses
It also contains levels of users enables you to customize the possibilities of each user to ensure privacy
Program Agzi all your banking transactions and also records all securities receivable and payable , due dates , and endorsement processes
As the software is easy to use and you can follow your accounts from anywhere

Characteristics of software

Possibility to work all kinds of bills sale Buy discards sale discards Buy
Possibility to work bills sale ضربيه ” plus the tax rate ”
Search for any bill using the invoice number
The possibility to enter an unlimited number of varieties
An inventory of items at any time
The possibility of work orders
The program alerts you lack a certain varieties
The software helps you to study your products It shows you the best – selling items and the least
Possibility of recording more of the store and found the freedom of movement between stores
The program records you both made ​​of balance Alaguettahi and stockpile
Spatial follow the movement of the Treasury to withdraw the deposit and expenses
Possibility to work the balance sheet accounts and notebook Uemh and professor
The possibility to calculate depreciation of assets and business reports
Possibility to work Hsabbat trading and profit and loss
The possibility of work per customer database and accounts
The program allows you to put lists special prices to your customers
The program shows you detailed accounts of each client and futures accounts
The possibility to work in installments , if any The program can record premiums and payment dates
The program comes out you report with total premiums كاستعراض total and you can make a detailed review as you wish
The possibility of a database for both suppliers and accounts
The possibility of recording their payments and due dates
The program makes it easy to process of calculating and recording both permitted discount Beah and discount AIDS also
Securities arrested
The possibility of recording notes receivable
The program shows you lists Securities that have been collected and rejected, and pop-up suppliers , Bank
Securities Payment
The possibility of recording notes payable
The program shows you lists securities that have been paid and that have not been paid and which have been repaid
Program Ionnbhpk the dates of payment of securities when you open the approaching date of payment
The program can record all your bank accounts and even with numerous banks
The possibility to review all of your accounts and movement within each

Possibility reco slesperson and the expense of their basic salaries and to add a ratio
Business accounts include wipes Accounts salesperson and move their dealings
The possibility of switching between المناديب
Human Resources
The possibility of data entry staff , salaries and dates of attendance with the ease of amendment
The possibility of introducing evidence departments that include all aspects of the company
The program is designed to fit all needs it supports attendance system fingerprint and CODE your employee and manually
The possibility recording Almamoriat time beginning and end time Tax Office
The possibility of registration of bonuses and discounts and we Khsamuadaffh each exchange salary
The possibility to calculate salaries according to the working hours specified discount delays and Zaidah overtime and insurance discount , if any
The possibility of dealing with the staff ‘s predecessor The program can be recorded and calculated and deducted from the salary and also do this with premiums
The program shows you lists of salaries and bonuses and discounts advances and Alakst to all this Tfeselaa and total how what you want

Program levels of users to customize each user possibilities as you wish
The possibility to compress the data file and save it for ease of use
The program works on all editions of All Sizes
The program supports Albarcot devices
The program supports Windows XP – Windows Vista – Windows 7 – Windows server – Windows8

Phone NO:

  • 01007007091
  • 01066579977

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