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Medical Application

Program is dedicated to the owners of companies of all types of medical supplies The program is designed to meet all your needs and covers all dealings
Program by five major hubs , warehouses and billing customers, suppliers and treasury as the multiplicity of a price to suit all your needs and covers all your customers
It also contains levels of users enables you to customize the possibilities of each user to ensure privacy
As the software is easy to use and you can follow your accounts from anywhere

Characteristics of software

Possibility to work all kinds of bills sale Buy discards sale discards Buy
Search for any bill using the invoice number
The possibility to enter an unlimited number of varieties
The possibility of developing 6 different prices when introducing varieties ” purchase price & wholesale price & Pharmacist price & rate pharmacist Join & price to the public & special sale price ”
An inventory of items at any time
The possibility of work orders
The program alerts you lack a certain varieties
Possibility to work the profit and loss account for any fiscal year ended
The possibility of work per customer database and accounts
The possibility of a database for both suppliers and their accounts and Dvaathm a and due dates
The possibility to follow the movement of the Treasury to withdraw the deposit and expenses
The program makes it easy to process of calculating and recording both permitted discount Beah and discount AIDS also
The program supports Albarcot devices
Program levels of users to customize each user possibilities as you wish
The program works on all editions of All Sizes
The possibility to compress the data file and save it for ease of use
The program supports Windows XP – Windows Vista – Windows 7 – Windows server – Windows8

Phone NO:

  • 01007007091
  • 01066579977

Samples Of Application Screens

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