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Mohaseb Araby For Restaurant

Do you want in the comfort of manual recording processes and problems ?

Do you want a program that you can know the number of tables occupied and empty ?

Tired of calculating the cost of each product and determine the profit ?

Exhausted from the daily operations of inventory ?

Do you want to make a database of your customers?

Do you want the accounts clear and precise for suppliers and their payments and history Asthakaqtha ?

… Scientific Company … Provided you with the solution to the program is simple and easy to use

Program is dedicated to restaurants and cafés which includes POS and is divided into three Systems ( Tech Way – Lounge – Delfry ) Supports determine the number of الترابيزات and transfer service from the table to the other and also supports touch screens and Caller ID to the caller without having to search for the name of the client and includes screen for employees kitchen to show off coupon and numbers without the need to print additional Bonn for the kitchen staff also includes sale system in the quantities of items that are sold quantity (a quarter of a kilogram – half a kilo ) and not as a freelancer

As the program you can follow the stock and you can determine the cost of each item and its components and identify profit and an inventory of the store at any time and after each shaft

The program also can record evidence Almwarden and follow Hsapthm and dates of payments

System components

Characteristics of system restaurants :

– Customized screen to Kasher allows view and control items with ease Lazare products are under pressure from the mouse or touch screens

– Restaurants System contains Tek system Way – Delfry – Hall

– The ability to determine the number of tables in the restaurant and choose from drawing table Graphic shows tables empty tables and tables currently busy

– The possibility of transferring checks from one table to another

– The possibility of installing the Home Delfry price appears automatically , as well as extra service fees

– The possibility of printing custom paper for the kitchen shows where product prices and quantities without

– Advanced Search allows for outstanding checks and unpaid checks Aldelfry and lounge and takeaway

– The possibility of show student Rno. in system Aldelfry and show Bainat the client automatically without the need to rewrite it again

– There is a special screen for the kitchen coupon to view the items , quantities and the table number and other

– Advanced reporting system to look in to deliver the checks shifts

– The possibility of handling the quantities and cutting can be activated to show the settings you directly buttons quantities Systems

(The price of a kilogram – a quarter of a kilogram – half a kilo – kilo ) These are useful for varieties that calculates the quantity and not as a freelancer

– Screen Steering calculate the quantities in which you can add product selection and write the amount and the program will automatically calculate the required quantity

Program, you can follow the movement of cash treasury

The program also is designed to help you to store inventory at any time and after each shaft

The program calculates you the cost of each class , the spectrum by calculating the cost of its components and identify each category also won

You can track inventory and alerts you lack a certain ingredients

Program levels of users to regulate the activation of the possibilities of each user and per مستخد words Mruro own the spectrum to ensure the privacy and safety
The program works on all editions of All Sizes

The possibility to compress the data file and save it for ease of use

The program supports Windows XP – Windows Vista – Windows 7 – Windows server – Windows 8

Phone NO:

  • 01007007091
  • 01066579977

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